Lucky numbers

Everything in life happens for a reason and we as humans tend to look for the reasons rather than experiencing life. We compare ourselves to others and forget our true purpose. We expect things to happen quickly and surround ourselves with expectations that keep us in a state of dilemma. We thrive for a change but are afraid of it.

Life is really simple… But we insist on making it complicated


In this post, I would like to share my experiences and the belief that I still believe will be with me till the end of time. 

I’m no exception when it comes to humans in general. I have had a fair share in everything that I had mentioned above and I’ll gladly accept it.

I was born to a middle-class family and my arrival was pretty much followed by heavy rain which my parents believed was a kind of a welcoming ceremony. I have always considered myself to be lucky enough to have parents providing me with proper education and also the things that I have asked for.

I was good at studies but not particularly a book worm. I had a sharper mind and that helped me to understand concepts better and to score decent marks in exams. I was not interested in extracurricular activities but would play games and watch cartoons after reaching home. I was not sure how but I secured the first rank in my school at the SSLC exam (In India, it’s the final exam that gets conducted if you are in the 10th grade).

Unfortunately, I was not able to score higher marks in 12th grade. However, I was able to pursue Computer Science as a major in a not-so-bad engineering college. At the end of last semester, I got placed in an MNC. By the time I had written this post, I got a better offer from another company.

Lucky Numbers:

All right, it’s time to put that heading to the test :).

I’m not an Atheist but certainly not a Theist as well. As a kid, I pray to God every day as my mom would tell me to, but never had that kind of devotion to it. Then, as I grew up, the prayers started to decrease and finally no prayers at all when I was away from home and work.

But I always had a belief in LUCK. Luck is an external factor that we acknowledge when things go the way we wanted it to. Luck is generally associated with things like lucky charms but it varies from person to person. Some consider the place they stay to be lucky or a memento that was left behind by someone they loved or that person itself.

Then, there is a general category, who believes in lucky numbers. Everyone who has some kind of belief also believes in lucky numbers. I believed in two numbers which are 3 (my birthdate) and 7(my birth month).

I believed more in #3 than #7 at first. Even if I get 3rd rank in my class during mid-term exams, I felt lucky enough rather than feeling sad for not getting the 1st and 2nd ranks. Sometimes when I try something new and fail badly at first, I would say to myself “Third times the lucky charm” and keep trying.

But as time went by, #7 started to grow on me as well. I choose my phone number such that it had more #7’s. At times, both #3 and #7 played their parts.

Lucky Numbers in action:

Everyone reaches a point in life where you desperately looking for a change, a better lifestyle or a better job perhaps.

I needed a career change for two reasons.

  1.  I was not able to learn much from my current job.
  2.  I needed a better salary.

I was ready to take up challenging works but was not provided any. I was so fed up with my work than I initially thought I should quit my job and search for another. It took me some time to realize that I was not proficient enough in what I think I’m good at. I needed to learn and practice more.

I used to play games every day after work. I took an oath not to play games until I find a better path for myself. So I started preparing every day after coming to my room. It would kill me not to play but “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do”.

I would suck it all up and would prepare. The preparation went on for more than 8 months and I still attended interviews on the way but it was not the right time for me yet.

Finally, the time had come. I got selected in another MNC which offered me a better package and also the work that I was hoping for. Life finally took a turn and was for the best.

Now, for the finale.

It’s true that my preparations were the main reason for me getting a better job. I would like to think of it like that as well because people often say “success comes from hard work and dedication”.

But I would rephrase it to something like “success comes from hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck”. I said earlier that my lucky numbers were #3 and #7. This is how I think it all worked out for me.

  1.  I got the offer from the company on the 30th of June and I quit my current job on the 1st of July, which is the 7thmonth considering January as the 1st.
  2. My date of birth is 03/07/1995 and so I completed 24 and started 25. 2+5 = 7 and 5-2=3 which is a coincidence.


First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time and reading until the end. Hope you liked it and wasn’t completely boring.

Secondly, this post here is based on my experience and how I see it. You might approve of the lucky numbers or you might not, it totally depends on everyone’s own perception.

And thirdly, feel free to comment on your lucky numbers and how it had a positive impact on your life. Always open for comments.

 P.S: I could have ended with secondly but you know my lucky numbers right? 😀

Arigato Gozaimasu 🙂