write clean css header image
3 min read

Let’s write CSS that looks good on code as well on browsers.

IT Experience
4 min read

Sharing my experience in the IT sector, working in both a service based company and a product based company.

Tell me about yourself
4 min read

Every question has an answer and so does this. But it’s not the same for everyone.

4 min read

Overthinking is not about thinking something that surprises you or makes you want to know more about it. It’s much more than that.

Being productive
4 min read

A lot of things has changes over the decade but what about you? Are you being productive enough?

Web DEsigner vs WEb Developer
4 min read

A decision that will impact your career on the long run. Choose wisely.

Lucky numbers
4 min read

Everything in life happens for a reason and lucky numbers are one them.