8 min read

If you are looking to integrate ICICI EazyPay into your website using PHP, then this is what you need.

Chrome Extensions
3 min read

If you have been using Google Chrome for a long time, then you should try these.

Shadow DOM
3 min read

A shadow DOM is similar to an iframe but better. Read to know more.

Clap button for posts
6 min read

Don’t let your posts go unnoticed. Add a Clap button so that users can appreciate your posts.

Chrome Dev Tools
4 min read

Here are some of the Chrome Developer Tool features that you should try out while debugging

React js
8 min read

React JS is a widely used framework and so you should know it before anything else.

ES6 part-2
4 min read

This article is a continuation to the part-1 of the ES6 features. Check it out.

ES6 part-1
5 min read

Javascript is awesome and ES6 is way more than just awesome.